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Here are some of our Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Are Microsoft Office documents 'print ready artwork'?

A: No. We suggest converting them to PDF format. Our studio can convert them for you at an additional charge (quoted on sight of documents)


Q: What is the best software for creating my artwork?

A: There are many software packages capable of producing Adobe PDF files. We prefer Adobe Illustrator for the best results.


Q: How will I know when CRS Graphics has received my order?

A: Once your order is complete and artwork has been supplied, our studio staff will check to ensure the supplied file criteria are met. You will be contacted if they are not. Once this process is complete and CRS Graphics has Print Ready Artwork, You will receive an Order Confirmation via email. Please keep this email safe.


Q: I have received an email stating that my order is on hold. Why is this and how do I 'un-hold' my order?

A: Usually an order is placed on hold at the request of the buyer. If you are the buyer and did not request this action, please contact our team via email or telephone, on 0115 9400051


Q: I have been using crsgraphics.co.uk to quote print work on behalf of my graphic design clients. Is there a way for me to store these quotes?

A: Yes, once you've created your bespoke product and are satisfied with the price, simply click the 'add to pin board' button under 'add to cart'. You can share your pin board by email or by using the link displayed at the bottom of the pin board page. Pin boards are only permanent for registered users.

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